Q: How does the Laser Work?

A: The laser emits a coherent and intense, yet safe, beam of light that penetrated through the nail plate to destroy the underlying fungus. This is accomplished by the controlled heat generated by the laser light upon the affected tissue, in this case, the fungal infection.

The CoolTouch Laser is so advance, that it can detect and reach the proper target temperature set by the doctor, leading to destruction of the fungus. The treatment then stops immediately and then the nail is cooled with a spray. This allows for fungal death without damaging the skin or the nail growth plate.

Q: How long does the laser procedure take?

A: The length of the complete procedure will depend on the number of toenails infected and whether additional treatment modalities are added to ensure total and complete destruction of the fungal infection. Generally, for laser treatment alone, 20 to 40 minute is required, less if only a few nails are involved.

Q: Is there any pain associated with the laser procedure?

A: No. The laser procedure is pain free. Some people may feel a warm sensation through the course of the laser treatment. This is usually well tolerated and comfortable.

Q: What can I expect my nails to look like after the procedure?

A: A clean nail will generally take 6 months to a year to complete grow out, but the beginnings of a new clean nail will usually show itself after 1 to 2 months. Nails grow slowly at an average rate of 3mm per month.

Q: Will I be able to walk after the laser treatment?

A: Yes. You may resume your normal activities immediately after the laser treatment session.

Q: When can I paint my toenails?

A: Nail polish can be applied immediately after the laser treatment, but must be removed at least 24 hours prior to any subsequent treatment sessions.

Q: Is the laser treatment safe?

A: Yes. Only with the CoolTouch Laser, with its real-time temperature feedback and protective CoolBreeze technology, is your safety ensured. Also with its customizable treatment settings, destruction of the nail fungus can occur safely without damage to the skin and nail matrix.

Q: How effective is the laser procedure for toenail fungus?

A: Clinical studies have shown laser treatment, in general, to be 80% successful in the treatment of toenail fungus.
Our experience with the CoolTouch CoolBreeze Laser, with our multi-sync protocol, has produced success in excess of 90%.

We attribute our level of success based upon several factors:

1. The CoolTouch CoolBreeze Laser features which makes possible a customized treatment setting for each patient’s toenail condition, based on severity and other factors.

2. Patient’s participation in strict foot/shoe hygiene during the treatment period.

3. Our full commitment to your success by attacking the nail fungus problem via the multi-sync approach.

Q: Does the laser procedure ever have to be repeated?

A: Our clinical experience shows that in many cases, two treatment sessions are necessary to ensure treatment success. Additional sessions may be necessary to treat those nails severely infected and deformed by the nail fungus.

Q: Is the laser procedure covered by insurance?

A: No. Since the laser procedure is considered aesthetic, it is not covered by medical insurance.

Q: How much does the laser treatment cost?

A: The cost of the laser treatment depends on the severity of the patient’s fungal nail infection and the number of nails involved. You only pay for the nails that are treated, unlike other offices that require payment and treatment of all ten toenails, even if only a few nails are involved.

For more information, please call our office at (650) 347-0761.

Q: Is there a cost for follow-up treatment?

A: In most cases, no. Every patient undergoing our laser treatment may have up to four treatment sessions, if needed, for the first 12 months on the toenails initially treated at the start of their program.

Q: Is there a cost for the initial consultation?

A: No. Currently we are offering a complimentary initial consultation for new patients to our office. This consultation will help you decide if laser treatment for your toenail fungal infection is right for you.

Q: How do I pay for this laser treatment?

A: We accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash. Your work’s Flex Spending Account can also be used as a form of payment. Low monthly payment plans are also available through our association with CareCredit. You can apply in our office right after the consultation. It only takes minutes! You can also apply right now, online, at http://www.carecredit.com